The Development of Banana baked with honey Products by Applying Quality Function Deployment

  • Phanuwat Wongsangnoi
Keywords: Product Development, Banana baked with honey, Quality Function Deployment


               The objective of this research was to find guidelines for the development of banana baked with honey products, to meet the needs of customers, by applying quality function distribution techniques and surveying consumer behavior of customer groups in the North, Central, Northeast and South of Thailand. There were 2 parts to the operations: 1) gather the needs of customers by interviewing customer groups in relation to demand factors using a linked group diagram questionnaire and finding the weight of importance of each product factor; 2) create a grouping to find the technical specifications, the relationship between technical specifications, and the relationship between customer demand factors and technical specifications by rating the correlations and ranking.  The results of developing products according to important technical specifications and analysis using sensory tests found that the average scores of banana baked with honey products for raw materials, labels and packaging were 8.87, 8.56 and 8.42 respectively, out of 10 points.


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