The Development of Semantic Augmented Reality on Mobile Devices for Chronic Disease Care of Aging, Watbot District, Phitsanulok Province

  • Yodpeth Tongkhao
Keywords: Semantic Knowledge Base, Augmented Reality, Mobile Devices, Care of the Elderly


              The aims of this study, carried out in Watbot district, Phitsanulok province, were  1) to study the pattern of the semantic knowledge base for chronic disease care of the elderly; 2) to develop the semantic augmented reality on mobile devices for chronic disease care of the elderly; and 3) to assess performance of the retrieval of semantic knowledge linked to AR for chronic disease care of the elderly. This research collected data from medical textbooks and in-depth interviews with 10 medical persons in order to create the semantic knowledge base using the concept of ontology, which helped to organize the AR on a mobile application and assess searching accuracy. This research found that the semantic knowledge base was divided into 3 layers and linked to AR for recommending the observation of abnormal physical symptoms, related diseases, nutrition, and exercises. The result of accuracy assessment using F-measure was 84.8%. Overall, users’ satisfaction with the system was at a very high level.


Download data is not yet available.


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