Development of a Low-Cost Synchronous Generator Experimental Test Bench for Power Grid Synchronization

  • Sunthorn Pluemsong
Keywords: Synchronous Generator, Synchronous Generator Test Bench, Synchronous Generator line Synchronization


               This research aimed to develop a low-cost synchronous generator experimental test bench (LCSGEB) for power grid synchronization. The LCSGEB was designed and built using a synchronous generator which was modified from a 1 phase 220 V 50 Hz 2 kVA brush alternator generator, and using an induction motor as the prime mover, working together with a synchronizing module. The LCSGEB was obtained by 380 V 50 Hz power grid synchronization testing based in the laboratory. The results revealed that the LCSGEB was able to synchronize the power grid, supply active and reactive power to the grid, and absorb reactive power from the grid as necessary. Furthermore, the LCSGEB was able to be produced from local components reducing the cost, which is an advantage of this research.  


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