Automatic Movable Racking System Controlled by LabVIEW

  • Manusak Janthong
  • Surasak Timpitak
  • Khunakon Anuwatpanich


This paper presents the design and construction of an automatic movable racking system. The structure of the movable racking system composes 1) two-non-movable rack units and 2) two movable rack units. Each movable rack unit was designed to support 50 kg of capacity per unit and was driven by a ball-screw with a 50-watt servo motor as an actuator. For the control system of the automated storage system, a computer was used as the main hardware controller. A program was developed for controlling the system via LabVIEW, and CAN bus was chosen to communicate between the computer and motor drive.    The experiments of the designed system show that the movable rack unit was able to move accurately according to the command and consumed the maximum electric current of 5.31 A at 0.167 m/s of its speed, which caused the goods package to slip about 0.004 m.


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