Increasing the Insect Protection Properties of Young Teak with Bio-innovation for Product Design

  • Attama Saributr
  • Kriangsak Khiaomang
  • Miyoung Seo
Keywords: Young Teak Wood, Bio-Innovation, Teak Wood Product Design


This research objectives are: 1. To experiment to increase the properties of young teak with biological innovation 2. To apply the results of the experiments to the design of products from young teak for 24 extracts formulas. The 22nd formulas is from extracts from neem and cassia provide the best insect protection for young teak material and has the lowest cytotoxic value. The cytotoxicity of HaCat cells at 53.561% and Vero at 33.318%. Then the researcher applied the results of the insect prevention experiment of young teak applied to used in product design for four products: a toy shelf, a carved product, the Buddha shelf, and a wood block toy. The highest level of suitability evaluation is wood block toy (x̄ = 4.52, SD = 0.17) and the evaluation of suitability at a high level are toy shelf (x̄ = 0.21), carved products ( x̄= 4.37, SD = 0.30) and the Buddha shelves ( x̄= 4.33, SD = 0.25).


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