Zoonotic Helminth Contamination of the Environment in Rural Villages of Southern Lao PDR

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Wanna Maipanich
Kittipong Chaisiri
Tippayarat Yoonuan
Megumi Sato
Marcello Otage Sato
Tiengkham Pongvongsa
Boungnong Boupha
Kazuhigo Moji
Jitra Waikagul



Helminth infections are common among humans and animals in Savannakhet Province, LaoPDR. To assess the level of such environmental contamination, surface soil samples, houseflies,and vegetables, were collected from Ban Lahanam and Ban Thakhamlaine villages, in SongkhoneDistrict. Surface soil samples contained one ascarid egg, as well as free-living nematode larvae. Theexternal body surfaces of the houseflies carried adult Haplorchis taichui (otherwise known as minuteintestinal fluke), as well as opisthorchid and taeniid eggs, nematode larvae, and mites. Three thirdstageangiostrongylid larvae were found on pre-washed vegetables purchased at a local market.Taeniid, oxyurid, trichurid and strongylid helminths eggs were detected on other vegetable samples.Such findings indicate this environment was contaminated with several different helminth species atvarious stages of development, highlighting the risk of parasitic zoonotic infections for humans anddomestic animals. Communities should therefore be offered advice on how to improve standards ofsanitation.

Keywords: zoonotic helminth infection, environmental contamination, Lao PDR

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