Taeniasis and Other Helminthic Infections in the Northern and Northeastern Border Provinces of Thailand

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Malinee T Anantaphruti
Wanna Maipanich
Teera Kusolsuk
Surapol Sa-nguankiat
Somjit Pubampen
Poom Adisakwattana
Somjet Yos-alai



Microscopic stool examinations to diagnose taeniasis and other helminthic infections wereperformed in three provinces: Nan in the north, and Ubon Ratchathani and Khon Kaen in thenortheast. In Nan, lowland communities and hill-tribe communities were treated separately. By Katothick-smear technique, the results indicated similar prevalence (13-15%) of helminthic infectionsin all three provinces. In Nan, higher infection rates were found among lowland (34.9%) than hilltribeinhabitants (13.0%). The most significant contributors to the high infection rate were minuteintestinal flukes (29.4%) in lowland Nan, whereas in the hill-tribe community, prevalence was verylow (0.5%). Infections in the two northeastern provinces were mainly caused by Opisthorchis liverflukes (6-7%). Hookworm infection rates were 4-6% in all study areas. Taenia eggs were found in 2%of both Nan groups, 3.7% in Ubon Ratchathani and 0.9% in Khon Kaen. Other helminths foundincluded Ascaris lumbricoides (4%), Enterobius vermicularis (0.5%) in Nan hill-tribe communities,Strongyloides stercoralis (about 1-2%), Trichuris trichiura in both northeastern provinces (< 1%), andA. lumbricoides in Ubon Ratchathani (< 1%).Thirteen cases positive for Taenia eggs were treated with 2 g niclosamide, and five bowelmovements were observed immediately following cathartic administration. Eleven of these 13 caseshad Taenia segments in their stool. Long-chain strobilae were commonly expelled in the first twobowel movements. The head portion, or scolex, was released in five cases during any of the five bowelmovements. One case expelled two separate long-chain strobilae with two scolices. All Taenia wormsfound were identified morphologically as T. saginata, either by scolex or gravid proglottids.

Keywords: stool examination, helminths, treatment, Taenia expulsion, bordering provinces, Thailand

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