Identification of Genus Campylobacter and Four Enteropathogenic Campylobacter Species by PCR

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Piyada Wangroongsarb
Chutima Jittaprasatsin
Siriporn Suwannasing
Karun Suthivarakom
Thanitchai Khamthalang



Polymerase chain reactions based on the 16SrRNA gene, and specific genes, can be used to identifybacteria of the genus Campylobacter, and four Campylobacter species. A specificity test usingprimers of the genus Campylobacter from reference strains showed cross-reactivity with Helicobacterpylori. Multiplex PCR of the four Campylobacter spp found no amplicons. The lowest limit fordetection of the genus Campylobacter and the four Campylobacter spp were both 103 cfu/ml. Aftercollecting stool samples from patients at Nong Khai, Phrapokklao, and Khon Kaen hospitals, a total of160 samples were used to obtain cultures of Campylobacter spp. Six C. jejuni-positive specimens werepositive by the PCR method developed. This method may be suitable for diagnosing Campylobacterspp in clinical samples in the future.

Keywords: Campylobacter, polymerase chain reaction

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