Ocular Gnathostomiasis: A Comprehensive Review

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Yukifumi Nawa
Juri Katchanov
Masahide Yoshikawa
Wichit Rojekittikhun
Paron Dekumyoy
Teera Kusolusuk
Dorn Wattanakulpanich



Gnathostomiasis is a food-borne zoonotic nematodiasis caused by the larval stage of Gnathostomaspp. The larvae preferentially migrate to the skin resulting in mobile cutaneous lesions, suchas migratory panniculitis or serpiginous eruptions. The larvae occasionally migrate into the viscera,eyes and central nervous system causing serious complications. Ocular gnathostomiasis is rare withmost cases being reported in local journals only. We conducted a comprehensive literature reviewof ocular gnathostomiasis. Most ocular gnathostomiasis cases are predominant in Japan, Thailandand Mexico, gnathostomiasis endemic areas. A significant number of cases have been reported fromIndia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, where cutaneous gnathostomiasis is only rarely reported.

Keywords: Gnathostoma, gnathostomiasis, ocular

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