Improving the Hygiene of Fermented Shrimp (Kung Chom) using Gamma Irradiation

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Yuthapong Prachasitthisak
Jaruratana Eamsiri
Surasak Sajjabut
Wichit Rojekittikhun



Sixty-four samples of fermented shrimp (kung chom) from Buri Ram Province, lower northeastern Thailand, were investigated for microbiological quality and chemical properties. The effects of gamma radiation, at doses of 2 to 8 kGy, on microbiological and sensory quality of kung chom were evaluated. Fifty-five samples (85.9%) did not meet the Thai Community Product Standard for kung chom (TCPS147/2546). About 69% of the samples were contaminated with Bacillus cereus and 6% with Clostridium perfringens. Irradiation at 8 kGy resulted in upgrading the quality of kung chom to satisfy the TCPS criteria. Detectable levels of B. cereus and C. perfringens were eliminated at this dose. The sensory evaluation showed significant changes in color and odor with irradiation at 6 and 8 kGy; however, these changes were still within the acceptable range. It may be concluded that the 8-kGy dosage was sufficient to improve the microbiological quality of kung chom. Irradiated kung chom could be kept for 35 days at ambient temperature.

Keywords : fermented shrimp, kung chom, irradiated food, gamma irradiation, Thailand

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