Efficacy of Piper aduncum Extract against the Adult Housefly (Musca domestica)

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Kong Chiou Mee
Sallehudin Sulaiman
Hidayatulfathi Othman



The efficacy of Piper aduncum extract was evaluated under laboratory conditions for its adulticidal activity against the housefly Musca domestica WHO 213 strain and the wild strain from Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur. By topical application, the LC50 and LC90 of P. aduncum extract on WHO 213 males were 6,151 ppm (= 6.2 μg/fly) and 13,353 ppm (= 13.3 μg/fly), with 11,036 ppm (= 11.0 μg/fly) and 35,252 ppm (35.3 μg/fly) for WHO 213 females, respectively. The LC50 and LC90 of P. aduncum extract on wild-strain Chow Kit males were higher, at 9,981 ppm (= 10.0 μg/fly) and 28,898 ppm (= 28.9 μg/fly), while the wild-strain Chow Kit females were 23,821 ppm (= 23.8 μg/fly) and 50,502 ppm (= 50.5 μg/fly), respectively. Resigen® insecticide yielded much lower LC50 and LC90 values, of 3.55 ppm (= 0.004 μg/fly) and 7.88 ppm (= 0.008 μg/fly), for the WHO 213 adult males and 5.13 ppm (= 0.005 μg/fly) and 10.85 ppm (= 0.011 μg/fly), for the WHO 213 adult females, respectively. Resigen® also showed much lower LC50 and LC90 values for the adult Chow Kit males, of 4.45 ppm (= 0.004 μg/fly) and 10.35 ppm (= 0.010 μg/fly), and adult Chow Kit females, of 5.23 ppm (= 0.005 μg/fly) and 11.07 ppm (= 0.011 μg/fly), respectively. There were significant differences between the effects of P. aduncum extract on WHO 213 and wild Chow Kit (p < 0.05), and between P. aduncum extract and Resigen® for both WHO 213 and Chow Kit wild strain (p < 0.05). P. aduncum extract, although less effective than the commercial product Resigen®. However, it is abundante in the Tropics, and could be utilized for adult housefly control.

Keywords : Musca domestica, Piper aduncum, topical application

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