A Simple Method for Isolation of Plasmodium gallinaceum from Infected Chicken Red Blood Cells

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Tawee Saiwichai
Pongchai Harnyuttanakorn
Suwannee Nithiuthai



This study aims to isolate avian malaria parasite (Plasmodium gallinaceum) from red blood cell nucleus. Intravenous passage f or three days can stimulate the production of a high percentage of schizont stages in malaria-infected chicken blood. Chicken blood was drawn from the jugular vein, washed with PBS solution, the buffy c oat layer was removed, frozen at –20 oC overnight, and subjected to 4 steps of differential centrifugation. The pellet of each centrifugal step was prepared into a thin smear on a glass slide, and stained with Giemsa. The examined results had a high concentration of parasites contaminated with a few host red blood cell nuclei at the 4th step while more contamination was found at the 1st-3rd steps. This procedure can be used in parasite purification without using anylysis agents.

Keywords : Plasmodium gallinaceum, isolation, red blood cell nucleus

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