Occurrence of Paragonimus harinasutai in Zhejiang, China

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Qian Bao Zhen
Jitra Waikagul
Paron Dekumyoy
Tipayarat Yoonuan
Chalit Komalamisra



Large metacercariae were found in the crab, Sinopotamon chekiangenes, in Ninghai County, Zhejiang, China, in 1985. The metacercariae were pinkish in color with two cyst walls, and 525.2 ± 38.6 x 500.2 ± 31.7 μm in size. Adult worms recovered experimentally from the lungs of cats were primary-identifi ed as Paragonimus harinasutai. In 2004, specimens were sent to Mahidol University, Thailand, for re-identifi cation, and it was confi rmed that the species was P. harinasutai Miyazaki & Vajrasthira, 1968. The ratio of width to length for the adult worm is 1 : 2.8 ± 0.2. The ventral sucker is larger than the oral, at a ratio of 1.3 ± 0.1 : 1. The ovary and testes have 4-6, and 4-5, main branches, respectively; each branch is further divided into more delicate branches. The spines are mixed, single-spaced anteriorly, with double spines between the ventral sucker and testes. Small variations in morphology were found between the specimens from China and Thailand. The specimens are kept in the Zhejiang Academy of Medical Sciences, China.

Keywords: Paragonimus harinasutai; description;experimental infection; China

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