Effects of a Health Education Program on Improving Patients’ Behaviors, and Clinical and Laboratory Parameters, among Chronic Hemodialysis Patients at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases

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Ratanaporn Saelim
Malee Kusritheppratan
Wattana Sadomthian
Kanika Chinwongprom



This study aimed to evaluate the effects of a Health Education Program for chronic hemodialysis patients at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases. The outcome measurements included improvement of patients’ knowledge, dietary behavior, and clinical and laboratory parameters after participating in the health education program. Twenty-nine chronic kidney disease patients who regularly attended the Hemodialysis Unit were enrolled. All patients participated in six health education programs over a period of 10 weeks (one program every two weeks). Pre- and post-tests were used to compare patients’ knowledge and dietary behaviors. Changes in clinical and laboratory parameters before and after receiving the Health Education Program were also compared. This study showed that the Health Education Program significantly improved patients’ knowledge of the diseases, dietary behaviors, weight control and clinical parameters. We recommend implementation of a continuous Health Education Program for these patients, to optimize hemodialysis care and reduce dialysis complications.

Keywords: health education; hemodialysis; dialysis complication

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