Field Evaluation of Litsea elliptica Extract and Bifenthrin by ULV Spraying Against Dengue Vectors

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Sallehudin Sulaiman
Hidayatulfathi Othman
Norhayati Shaari
Zainol Arifin Pawanchee
Ahmad Wahab
Abdul Rahman Law Abdullah



Litsea elliptica extract (Family Lauraceae) and bifenthrin were evaluated against sentinel sugarfed adult and 4th instar larvae of Aedes aegypti in a housing estate endemic for dengue/dengue haemorrhagic fever. The impact of ULV spraying with both plant extract and synthetic pyrethroid showed adulticidal effects. L. elliptica extract caused 96.5-97.6% mortality among Ae. aegypti adults, bifenthrin 98.1-99.1%, and control indicated 13.2-13.9% mortality, respectively. There was no significant difference between L. elliptica and bifenthrin (P > 0.05) but each was significantly different from the control (P < 0.005). However, ULV spraying with both L. elliptica extract and bifenthrin indicated low larvicidal effects.

Keywords: Litsea elliptica; bifenthrin; ULV spraying; adulticidal; larvicidal; dengue vectors

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