Identification of Brugia malayi-like Microfilariae in Naturally-infected Cats from Narathiwat Province, Southern Thailand

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Theerayot Kobasa
Suwich Thammapalo
Saravudh Suvannadabba
Ameon Armesombun
Sumart Loymak
Somjai Leemingsawat
Wej Choochote



Brugia malayi-like microfilariae from 21 naturally infected cats were identified bymicrofilarial morphometry and acid phosphatase activity. The results revealed that the averageinnenkorper length of 28.56 ± 6.08 μm and intensely positive sites of acid phosphatase activity atthe amphids, excretory vesicles, anal vesicles and phasmids were compatible with B. malayimicrofilariae, thus emphasizing the important role of cats as a reservoir host of B. malayi in NarathiwatProvince, southern Thailand.

Keywords: cats, Brugia malayi-like microfilariae, morphometry, acid phosphatase activity

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