Taxonomy of Boesenbergia parvula (Zingiberaceae) with new synonymy

  • John D. Mood Lyon Arboretum,Uni. of Hawaii
  • Huu D. Tran 2 Southern Institute of Ecology, 1 Mac Dinh Chi, Dist. 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Linda M. Prince The Field Museum, Department of Botany, 1400 S Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, IL 60605, USA
  • Jan-Frits Veldkamp Naturalis Biodiversity Center, National Herbarium of The Netherlands, P.O. Box 9517, 2300 RA Leiden, The Netherlands
Keywords: Asexual propagule, axillary branching, Lao P.D.R., molecular phylogeny, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam


The taxonomy and botanical history of Boesenbergia gelatinosa K. Larsen, B. jahaiana Meekiong & C.K.Lim, B. parvula (Wall.) Kuntze, and B. phyllostachya (Gagnep.) K.Larsen are reviewed as a group with similar characteristics. Based on morphological comparisons, ecological data, and molecular phylogenetic analyses using plastid and nuclear DNA sequence data, these species are determined to be conspecific with B. parvula and are here made synonyms. A new variety, B. parvula var. major Mood & Veldkamp is described.


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Mood, J. D., Tran, H. D., Prince, L. M., & Veldkamp, J.-F. (2018). Taxonomy of Boesenbergia parvula (Zingiberaceae) with new synonymy. Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany), 46(1), 10-24.