Amomum spathilabium (Zingiberaceae: Alpinieae), a new species from northern Thailand

  • Wittaya Kaewsri Mahidol University, Amnatcharoen Campus, Amnatcharoen, Thailand.
  • Supanath Kanjanawattanawong Mahidol University Amnatcharoen Campus
Keywords: Amomum subcapitatum, Doi Phukha, native plant, spathulate labellum, taxonomy


Amomum spathilabium, a new species from Nan Province in northern Thailand, is described and illustrated. It is closely related to A. subcapitatum but differs in the labellum shape, anther crest shape and longer ligule. Details on distribution, ecology, etymology, and a preliminary conservation assessment are provided.


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Kaewsri, W., & Kanjanawattanawong, S. (2019). Amomum spathilabium (Zingiberaceae: Alpinieae), a new species from northern Thailand. Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany), 47(2), 193-195.