A revision of Orobanchaceae in Thailand


  • John Parnell Herbarium, Department of Botany.


Orobanchaceae, Thailand


Two genera and a total of three species are recognised following rev1s1on of Thai Orobanchaceae. Aeginelia comprises the widespread A. indica (lectotypified here) and the much rarer A. pedunculata. Despite widespread variation in A. indica subspecies cannot be recognised. Investigation of the breeding biology of A. indica may yield information pertinent to understanding its pattern of variation. The author citation for A. pedunculata (lectotypified here) is clarified. The endemic Christisonia siamensis (lectotypified here) is the sole representative of that genus in Thailand. The latter's relationship to other
species in the genus must await collection of much more material than is currently available. SEM photographs of the pollen of the two genera are provided for the first time.


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John Parnell, Herbarium, Department of Botany.

Herbarium, Department of Botany. Trinity College Dublin 2. Ireland.


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