Notes on 'Pek' and 'Chote', members of the genus Vietnamosasa (Poaceae-Bambusoideae) in Thailand


  • Soejatmi Dransfield Herbarium. Royal Botanic Gardens. Kew.


Pek, Chote, Vietnamosasa, Poaceae, Bambusoideae, Thailand


'Pek' and 'Cilote' refer to two bamboo taxa. found in north and north-eastern Thailand, belonging to the genus Vietnamosasa Nguyen, sympodial bamboos found in Vietnam. Cambodia. Laos. and Thailand. 'Pek' is identified as V. pusilla (A. Camus & Chevalier) Nguyen, and 'Chote' as V. ciliata (A. Camus) Nguyen: 'Pek' is smaller than 'Chote'. and young shoots ofthc former are green, whereas those of the latter are purple or purplish-tinged. They are found growing main ly in dry dipterocarp forests. The morphology. especially or the rhizomes, culms and branches. is presented to show their adaptation to dry climate and annual burning.


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Soejatmi Dransfield, Herbarium. Royal Botanic Gardens. Kew.

Herbarium. Royal Botanic Gardens. Kew, Richmond. Surrey TW9 3AB, England.


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Dransfield, S. (2014). Notes on ’Pek’ and ’Chote’, members of the genus Vietnamosasa (Poaceae-Bambusoideae) in Thailand. Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany), (28), 163–176. Retrieved from




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