Studies in Flora of Thailand: Bignoniaceae


  • Thawatchai Santisuk The Forest Herbarium, Royal Forest Department.


Bignoniaceae, study in Thai flora


The complete enumeration of 14 genera, 23 species and 1 variety of Bignoniaceae indigenous to Thailand is given, including identification keys to genera and species. Besides, 15 introduced species belonging to 12 genera of Bignoniaceae are provisionally included.

The following species are recorded for the first time from Thailand: Markhamia pierrei Dop, Radermachera borii Fisch., R. lobii ( Teijsm. & Binn.) Miq., and R. pierrei Dop. The names Radermachera grandiflora Dop and R. poilanei Dop are reduced to synonymy of R. pierrei Dop.

Spathodea cauda-felina Hance is reduced to a varietal rank of Markhamia stipulata (Wall.) Seem., thus a new status M. stipulata (Wall.) Seem. var. caudafelina (Hance) Santisuk is proposed with M. stipulata var. kerrii Sprague as its synonym.

The distribution ranges of the indigenous plants have been mapped, based chiefly on the herbarium specimens investigated at ABD, BK, BKF, BM, E, K, L, and P.


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Thawatchai Santisuk, The Forest Herbarium, Royal Forest Department.

The Forest Herbarium, Royal Forest Department, Bangkok 9, Thailand.


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