Diplospora siamica (Rubiaceae) - a new record for the Flora of Vietnam


  • Trang Thanh Pham Faculty of Forest Resources and Environment Management, Vietnam National University of Forestry, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Thu Thi Nguyen Faculty of Forest Resources and Environment Management, Vietnam National University of Forestry, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Tuyen Thi Phung Faculty of Forest Resources and Environment Management, Vietnam National University of Forestry, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Dung Van Phan Faculty of Forest Resources and Environment Management, Vietnam National University of Forestry, Hanoi, Vietnam




Biodiversity, Indochina, northern Vietnam, taxonomy


Diplospora siamica is newly recorded for the flora of Vietnam. It was found in Muong La Nature Reserve, Son La Province, northern Vietnam. A description and colour photos of the species are provided. A key to Diplospora species in Vietnam is also given.


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