‘Habenaria limprichtii’ (Orchidaceae) in Thailand, encompassing two distinct species

  • Hubert Kurzweil Singapore Botanic Gardens
Keywords: Habenaria yuana, H. limprichtii, misapplied name, northern Thailand


A Habenaria species in northern Thailand is widely known as H. limprichtii Schltr., but most specimens are in fact referable to H. yuana Tang & F.T.Wang. This incorrect identification was first pointed out in one Thai specimen by Ormerod & Sathish Kumar (2008) in a study of Myanmar orchids, and is confirmed in re-examinations of a large number of Thai specimens in the present study. However, the study revealed that true H. limprichtii also occurs in Thailand although it is very rare. The two species are superficially similar but are distinct in details of their flower morphology. Descriptions, a key to the species and illustrations are provided.


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Kurzweil, H. (2017). ‘Habenaria limprichtii’ (Orchidaceae) in Thailand, encompassing two distinct species. Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany), 45(1), 18-24. https://doi.org/10.20531/tfb.2017.45.1.04

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