The Development Application for Spatial Information Agriculture on Android

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Auckawut Kaewseekao
Sittichok Punpitak
Kanoklada Taothaichana


Nowadays, Geospatial technologies are combined with development of smartphone device
for speculated area led to Location Based Service such as  geographic coordinate and route. Objectives of this research are (1) To develop applications for collecting the position of area on the agricultural on a mobile device working on android OS (2) To develop the display of maps from the mapping services through the network on the application. This research results found that the application development for spatial information Agriculture on Android from the onsite technological System reviews and location based service (LBS). This application used the android studio and SQLite.This application display on smartphone with Google Maps API with the application develop to have six groups: basic data and information for farmers, edit data, delete data, report data, data base and display Digital Map. The research results found that it is
useful to reduce the steps of information location and solve the problems of the data lose. Additionally, it can use to manage the agricultural areas, Moreover, it helps to save time and budget to field away purposefully


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Kaewseekao, A., Punpitak, S., & Taothaichana, K. (2021). The Development Application for Spatial Information Agriculture on Android. Prawarun Agricultural Journal, 13(2), 298-308. Retrieved from
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