The Effect of Rubber Seed (Havea brasiliensis) as Anesthetic on Asian Sea Bass (Lates calcarifer, Centropomidae) during Transport

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Megananda Paradewi
Dhita Maulida Saputri
Laksmi Sulmartiwi
Hari Suprapto
Kriengkrai Satapornvanit


The Asian sea bass is one of the most important marine aquaculture species in Indonesia. Transportation is often required for the distribution of sea bass fingerling, but this leads to stress on fish, as reflected by cortisol and blood glucose levels. Stress in fish during transportation can be suppressed using anesthetic substances. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of rubber seed extract as an anesthetic for Asian sea bass fingerling during transportation, with cortisol and blood glucose levels, and survival rate as indicators. The treatments consisted of four concentrations of rubber seed extract (70 ppm, 80 ppm, 90 ppm and 100 ppm), 5 ppm clove oil as a positive control, and water without any anesthetic as a negative control. Results show that rubber seed extract as an anesthetic material has a significant effect (p<0.05) in reducing cortisol and blood glucose levels at six hours of transport, with the optimal concentration of 90 mg·L-1


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