Population Dynamics of Sulphur Goatfish, Upeneus sulphureus (Cuvier, 1829) in the Visayan Sea, Philippines

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Quin Yudelmo Clarito
Nora Oren Suerte


Population dynamics of Upeneus sulphureus in the Visayan Sea was assessed using the FiSAT II program from a sample collected by trawl fishing from November 2018 to October 2019. A total of 1,129 individuals with lengths ranging from 8.0 to 18.5 cm were included in this study. The asymptotic total length (L) was 20.63 cm, and the growth constant (K) was 1.4 year-1, revealing that this is a fast-growing species. The mean length was 13.35 cm with a growth performance index (ϕ) of 2.78. The total mortality rate (Z) was computed as 5.34 year-1, the natural mortality rate (M) was 2.47 year-1, and the fishing mortality rate (F) was 2.87 year-1. The quotient of F/Z values computed an exploitation ratio (E) of 0.54. The obtained E exceeded the 0.5 threshold, which indicates the presence of growth overfishing. The ideal management interventions for this species are to increase the mesh size of nets and decrease effort levels to allow sustainable exploitation of the stock. These measures should be implemented to ensure continuous food protein supply and income of the fisherfolk who rely on the Visayan Sea fishery.


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