Dictyurus purpurascens, a New Record of Marine Red Alga from Phang Nga Coast, Western Thailand

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Jantana Saengkaew
Tidarat Komlom


This study represents the first record of the marine red alga Dictyurus purpurascens in Thailand. Specimens were collected from Natai Beach, Phang Nga Province, located on the Andaman Sea coast in southern Thailand. This species was commonly found in intertidal and shallow subtidal habitats, attached to the beachrock platform at depths between 3 and 5 m. The alga is characterized morphologically by a thallus arising from a discoid holdfast, spongy body supported with a spiral network of wide monosiphonous filaments, smooth-edged margin, and alternate distichous branching. The apices show network connection developed from shorter branchlets, as well as the production of the characteristic mesh structure. The color of this alga is most typically rose-red to pinkish-red in the field. The cortication is complete throughout the thallus, beginning at the tip and thickening toward the base. The occurrence of the species was previously reported from other parts of the Indian ocean. This is the first record of  the Andaman Sea coast representing a marginal sea of the northeastern Indian Ocean extension of its distributional range. It may have been brought after the tsunami, but human-assisted transport may also have been involved in its arrival or dispersion. This present study contributes important information on algal distribution in Southeast Asia and provides an extension of the biogeographic distribution of this species.


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