Fecundity of the crab, Potamon mesopotamicum Brandis, Storch & Turkay, 1998 from the Mesopotamian Marshlands, Iraq

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Malik H. Ali
Tariq H.Y. Al-Maliky


The Mesopotamian Marshlands of Iraq are the largest unique wetland in the Western Eurasia and have been subjected to great environmental changes which affected the population of the native crab, Potamon mesopotamicum. The fecundity of this species was studied as a basic indicator of their reproductive status. In the present study, the relationship between some biometric parameters and fecundity of the crab P. mesopotamicum from Tigirs river of Qurna City, Iraq was determined. A total of 32 live ovigerious females were collected from Tigris river at Qurna city in December 2009. Fecundity ranged from 340 eggs per female (4.6 cm CW) to 800 eggs per female (6.6 cm CW), with an estimated mean of 568 eggs per female. Positive significant linear relationships were found between fecundity and carapace length (CL): y= 155.15x -145, r= 0.62, p < 0.001, n= 32; carapace width (CW); y= 143.31x – 221.5, r= 0.66, p< 0.001, n=32; Abdomen width (AW): y=212.3x – 104.3, r= 0.61, p< 0.001, n= 32. The best correlation was found between CW and fecundity; Fresh weight (FW): y= 4.30x + 280.80, r= 0.67,  p< 0.001, n= 32. Females were found to bear egg masses ranging between 2.0 and 3.35 gm.  A mean egg diameter of 2.066 ± 0.105 mm. was estimated for different egg stages.


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