Factors Related with the Parents’ Behavior of Helping Their Children Aged 1-5 Years Old in Brushing Teeth, in Nonsang District, Nhongbualumphu Province

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Naruechit Thongrungruengchai
Pannee Banchonhattakit


Background and Objective: This study aimed to investigate factors related to the behavior of parents helping their children aged 1-5 years old in brushing teeth.

Methods: This research was cross-sectional analytical study for parents of children aged of 1-5 years old who living  in Nonsang district, Nhongbualumphu  province from November 2011to January 2012. Random sampling parents were 300 persons. Data were collected by interviewing and answering questionnaire and analyzed with multiple logistic regression. The results were presented by Odds ratio and 95% confident interval.

Results: The results showed that there were 32% of parents who always helping their children in brushing teeth at least once a day and the factors significantly related to the behavior of parents helping their children in brushing teeth were predisposing factor: high level attitudes of dental health (OR=9.56; 95%CI = 4.95-18.47), enabling factor : parent’s tooth brushing skill (OR=6.64; 95%CI = 3.23-13.67) and reinforcing factor : dental health suggestions from care givers of preschool children. (OR=1.98; 95%CI = 1.98-12.50)

Conclusions: To encourage parents to help brush their children’s teeth that should develop knowledge and attitude of children’s oral health care to both parents and participants for supporting parents to maintain good behavior regularly. To cooperate with development of brushing children’s teeth skill of parents that should emphasize practical practice.

Keywords : Behavior of parents helping their children in brushing children’s teeth, predisposing factors, enabling factors, reinforcing factors


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