The Effects of Application of Protection Motivation Theory and Social Support for Guardian to Health Promoting Development of Pre-School Children : A Case Study in Bancokyai Child Development Center, Boungern Sup-District, N

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Waraporn Louhom
Chulaporn Sota


Background and Objective: The preschool children or early childhood needs support for their growth and development appropriately in order to be healthy and strong. The involved persons are father, mother, parents, teachers and etc. who should take care of their children in all aspects both physical and emotional part in order for them to be able to live happily in society. This study aims to identify the effectiveness of the application of motivation theory to prevent diseases along with a social support in order to develop parents in promoting health behaviors of preschool children.

Methods : This study is a quasi -experimental study  design.  The sample were 84 subjects  and divided  equally into experimental and comparison groups. The experimental group were given health education programs consisting of lectures, group discussions, group activities, health behaviors record, and hand book. The 10-week period of data collection by questionnaire.  The descriptive data were analyzed by statistical such as percentage, mean deviation, maximum and minimum. Confidence interval was at 95%. Statistics used analyzed for comparative scores between groups was independent sample t-test and internal groups were paired-sample t-test significant setting at level 0.05.

Result: After the experiment, it found that the experimental group had the mean score and the mean difference of knowledge, perceived severity of the disease, perceived risk of the disease, perceived self efficacy, perceived results of the practice and the way to practice in promoting health behaviors of preschool children, more than before the experiment and also more than the comparison group with statistically significant (p <0.001).

Conclusion: After  the experiment, the experimental group and the comparison group had the mean score of knowledge, perceived severity, perceived risk, perceived self efficacy,  perceived results of the practice and the way to practice, higher than before the experiment and the comparison group with statistically significance (p <0.001).

Keywords: Protection Motivation Theory, Social Support, Health   Promoting   Development   of  Pre-School


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