Roles of of University’s Pharmcies in Pharmaceutical Services and Pharmaceutical Clerkships

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Nantawarn Kitikannakorn
Phayom Sookaneknun
Suchada Soorapan
Surarong Chinwong
Kittiyot Yotsombat
Nungruthai Suksai


Background and objective: Twelve faculty of pharmacy in Thai universities have their own pharmacies with the primarily focus to provide pharmaceutical practice to public and provide professional experience training for pharmaceutical students. This study aimed to evaluate satisfaction of pharmaceutical students and customers to improve services and missions of collaborative network in future.

Method: The descriptive survey from questionnaires collected during January to March 2010 at 12 university’s pharmacies. Study participants were convenient selected from customers and pharmaceutical students either in the 4th - 5th year in pharmaceutical program. The results were pulled and analyzed by co-ordinated researchers.

Results: Two hundred and fourty-four pharmaceutical students, majority were females with the average age of 23.7 + 3.4 years old, showed strongly satisfaction on practice of selecting quality and safety medicines for customers and emphazied on health promotion. Students also satisfied expertises and discussion of various trainers but they concerned on their different practice evaluation. Their least satisfaction on training to complete chronic patient profile was lower than other activities. Three hundreds and ninety seven customers were satisfied in all items, particulary dressing and manner of pharmacists. They showed lowest satisfaction in the special services provided such as blood pressure monitoring device.

Conclusion: Pharmaceutical students highly satisfied with competency experiences in selecting quality medicines, however, they concerned on practice’s evaluation from different trainers. They need more opportunity to practice on home-health care service. Customers satisfied with overall pharmaceutical services in university’s pharmacies except facilitated equipments e.g. spygnometer. Pharmaceutical practices from experience of each university should plan to enhance and co-operate teamwork expertises.


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Kitikannakorn N, Sookaneknun P, Soorapan S, Chinwong S, Yotsombat K, Suksai N. Roles of of University’s Pharmcies in Pharmaceutical Services and Pharmaceutical Clerkships. SRIMEDJ [Internet]. 2013 Aug. 23 [cited 2022 Aug. 17];27(4):386-92. Available from:
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