Factor which Impact to the International Cooperation of the Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University

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Duangsamorn Chankwang
Witoon Prasertcharoensuk


Background and Objective: Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University is a universal standard medical school.  It has cooperation with foreign countries.  Therefore, it should has the study on factors which impact to cooperation activities and the result of the study will be proposed the appropriate approach on international collaboration development.

Method: It is a survey study.  The population is 84 persons who have related roles in foreign cooperation.  The instrument of research is self-administered questionnaire. There are 7 items in questionnaire about factors which impact to the foreign cooperation included 1) policy factor 2) human resources factor 3) budget factor 4) knowledge of academic, innovation, and technology factor 5) economic, social, political situation of Thailand 6) present memorandum of understanding (MOU) network factor; and 7) others. The data was analyzed to percentage.

Results: There were 75 persons (89.28 %) who filled and returned questionnaires to surveyor.  Policy factor has highest impact to each cooperative activity in the following realms: 1) Exchange staff, students or personnel was 81.33 %; 2) Academic development/teaching and learning was 72.00%; 3) Co-Research was 65.33%; 4) Skills development for medical students, residents or postgraduates was 65.33%;  5) Delivering medical service was 56.00%; and 6) Extended activities based on previous cooperative was 56.00%.  The suggestion is the Faculty should has the pro-active initiated program and to find out the mutual interest.

Conclusion: The most influential factors in international cooperation is policy, and follow by budget factor and human resources factor, respectively.    The way forward is to organize focus group.

Key word: International Cooperation


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