Satisfication Evaluation of Surgery Pathology Service in Srinagarind Hospital After Management by Theory of Constraints.

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Punpet Noimay
Supinda Koonmee
Phannatorn Sirivech
Rutchaneekorn Thongbor


Background and Objective :  Surgical pathology is the diagnostic service of tissues or specimens taken from patients. The diagnosis results are due within two weeks; however, average monthly 1,200 tissue samples collected, up to 30% of the diagnosis reports were not delivered on time. The Department of Pathology, therefore, tries to apply the Theory of Constraints (TOC) to improve the on time delivery of the diagnosis. This study was to evaluate the satisfaction of customers of surgical pathology in Srinagarind Hospital after management by TOC for improving the quality services of surgical pathology.

Methods :  The study was deploied by questionnaires for evaluating the satisfaction services of surgical pathology.  The sample population of customers were 250 samples. Such evaluation was done through interviews with working staffs or customers. Data collection for statistical analysis included frequency, percentage, average and deviation.

Results :  The level of satisfaction of the service in surgical pathology got an average score of maximum 3.77, and  that of the quality of services was up to 3.83, but the average environmental score was 3.47.

Conclusions :  After implementing the TOC, the quality of services showed a significant increase in the on time delivery rate. The satisfaction of customers to the service processes showed in good level but fair level of time, place and environment.


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