A Giraffe Model of the Chest X-ray Equipment

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Petcharakorn Hanpanich
Bunjong Keonkaew
Sasinan Kumkantee
Saipin Pealpong
Onpapra Pealpreung
Jitjaroen Chaiyakum
Sirinapa Namwong
Orathai Thaweesin


Background and Objective : In chest x-ray radiography, there was the problem found about the patients who age from 1– 6 years old. When they went into the x-ray room and saw the chest x-ray accessories, they always feared or cried. They were also uncooperative. Radiographer technologist tried very hard to motivate them, and it took long time to communicate with them. As a result, the other patients had to wait for a long time. Sometimes their parents or hospital staff had to help by standing near the patient or holding the x-ray cassette for them. For this reason, the parents or hospital staff could get the risk of radiation unnecessarily. The idea of inventing this equipment had occurred, and the new chest x-ray equipment was designed to be a  giraffe figure.  Its objective was to motivate the kid patients and  allow the them to play with it as a toy. It would help the chest x-ray job/room run smoothly. It could also reduce the risk of radiation for those who involve in the x-ray room and it can help the chest x-ray diagnosis.

Methods :  The study place was the x-ray room at Srinagarind Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University and divided in to three steps.  First, the collection of  informations about patients, such as their body size, is collected and the x-ray cassette size is studied. Second, the process of  design and construction of the giraffe figure model of chest x-ray equipment. Finally, the equipment was sised and evaluated for its quality and satisfaction.

Result :  A chest x-ray radiography equipment was modified to have a giraffe figure. It has wheels to move around.   Most of equipment structure was made of wood and stainless steel which was cut off into giraffe shape. For safety, it was cut and scrubbed some sharp angle and it was painted some color for catching the young kid attention. The size of equipment was width x long x height, 45 x 62 x 145 centimeters. and the seat was made of sponge. The total weight of this equipment is about 18 kg. This equipment was tested for safety, quality, efficiency and evaluated by checking  x-ray cassette holder for perpendicular with radiation. It can be moved up, and down and it can hold x-ray cassettes size 8x10 and 10x12 inch. The seat can support the weight load over 40 kg and can replace or use as same as the original instrument.

Conclusion : Giraffe’s  equipment  is qualified and effective for chest x-ray radiography as  same as the  original  chest x-ray equipment. It is proved that it works well when it is used in the real situation. This equipment  attractive for the patients age a between 1-6 years old and the radiological technologists are able to do their jobs well.

Keyword : X-ray accessories, Chest x-ray


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