The Relationship Between Stimuli and Adaptation of Patients with Total Knee Arthroplasty

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Apirada Soison
Suchitra Limumnoilap



Background and Objective: Total knee arthroplasty is the surgical treatment for end stage knee osteoarthritis. This treatment aims for relieving pain, correcting deformities and bring back normal function knee. After surgery patient must adapt for using the artificial joint affectively. Moreover, there are some factors or stimuli associated with patient’s adaptation as well. Therefore the objectives of this study are to report patient’s adaptation after total knee arthroplasty and to identify the association between some stimuli and patient’s adaptation using concept of Roy adaptation theory.

Methods: This study was cross-sectional descriptive study. The samples were 87 patients with total knee arthroplasty, who visited the follow-up schedule at Srinagarind hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University during November 2008 to January 2009. The study instrument was the evaluation form of patient’s adaptation in 4 modes, composed of physical, self-concept, role-function and interdependence modes.

Results: Most of the patients were in the compensatory level of adaptation. If consideration in each mode, the results showed that the physical mode was in the effective adaptation, but other modes were in the compensatory level of adaptation. Numbers of the patients were in the effective adaptation and in the compensatory level of adaptation were 45.98% and 54.02% respectively. Overall patient adaptation were mild to moderate correlated with these following stimuli: age, level of education, level of income, post operative period, and the range of motions in extension and flexion. Gender and marital status were not significantly correlated with overall patient adaptation.

Conclusion: The results of this study found that most of the patients with total knee arthroplasty were in the compensatory level of adaptation and had tendency to be in the effective adaptation. Therefore, appropriated nursing promotion for health should be emphasized to the patients according to these stimuli.

Key words: Patient adaptation, Total knee arthroplasty, The Roy Adaptation Model.


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