Comparision of Early Postoperative Complications Between Urgent and Elective Hemorrhoidectomy in Prolapsed Thrombosed Hemorrhoid

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Jirasak Pariwattanasak


Background and Objective: Urgent surgery in Prolapsed thrombosed hemorrhoid make faster recover. Many surgeons fear of postoperative complication. This study aims to compare early postoperative complication between urgent and elective closed hemorrhoidectomy in the following aspects : bleeding , wound dehiscence , incontinence and urinary retention

Methods: This study was a randomized clinical trial at the department of surgery , Buriram Hospital. There were 210 patients with  Prolapsed thrombosed hemorrhoid  admitted during July 2008 to June 2010 were included. These patients were divided into two groups. Group I were the patients operated by urgent hemorrhoidectomy and  Group II , by elective hemorrhoidectomy. The demographic data ,operative time , postoperative bleeding , wound dehiscence and incontinence (at week 2 and 4 postoperation) and urinary retention were analysed.

Result: A total of 210 patients were divided into 105 patients of Group I (61 males and 44 females) aged 15-89 years old (average 45.62+15.30) and 19 patients with underlying disease. Group II consisted of 105 patients (57 males and 48 females) age 16-82 years old  (average 48.04+15.45) and 14 patients with underlying disease. The results showed that there were no signitifcant difference in bleeding , wound dehiscence and incontinence (week 2 and 4 postoperation) and urinary retention (P>0.05) between the two Groups.

Conclusion: Our study suggest that the urgent hemorrhoidectomy was as safe as the elective hemorrhoidectomy

Keywords: early postoperative complication , urgent hemorrhoidectomy and Prolapsed Thrombosed Hemorrhoid


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