Estimation of Suction Fluid Volume by Visual Control Label Observation

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Rongrong Ruengchiraurai
Jongkolnee Saejung


Background : Estimated blood loss during operation is important and needs to be monitored by anesthetic care team. The anesthetic care team records and assesses intraoperative blood loss by measuring the volume collected in the suction bottles and weighing swabs collected from the operative field.

Objective : This study compare the accuracy and duration for assessment of the red fluid volume in the suction bottle estimated from the original scales with and without color strips marked on the suction bottle by anesthesiologists, anesthetic residents, nurse anesthetists and nurse anesthetist trainees.

Methods : The assessment group includes 12 anesthesiologists, 15 anesthetic residents, 30 nurse anesthetists and 9 nurse anesthetist trainees. Estimation of the red fluid volume in the suction bottles and time consuming for the estimation were recorded.

Results : Estimation by using the original clear scales was more accurate than using the color strip scales  (P < 0.01). Time for the estimation using the color strip scales was shorter (P < 0.05).

Conclusion : The color strip scales may be useful when timing is critical and the recognition of blood loss could be promptly performed at the site of anesthetic administration but less accurate than using the original clear scales.

Keywords :  suction bottles, visual control, estimated blood loss


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