Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes Millitus in Srinagarind Hospital

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Masinee Phaibool
Jamras Wongkham


Background and Objective : Gestational diabetes mellitus is the most common medical complication during pregnancy that poses complications to mother and fetus. Because of its impact to pregnancy outcome, antenatal clinic, Srinagarind hospital provides the screening and diagnostic test to diagnose gestational diabetes mellitus.

To study the prevalence and results of the screening and diagnostic of gestational diabetes mellitus in pregnant women attended at antenatal clinic, Srinagarind Hospital

Methods : Retrospective descriptive study at Antenatal Care Clinic, Srinagarind hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University. Pregnant women who had potential risk of gestational diabetes mellitus and undergone the glucose screening test (GST) before gestational age of 28 weeks. The lists of pregnant women undergone the glucose screening test during August 2004 to July 2008 were reviewed. Abnormal GST was defined as blood sugar equal to 140 mg/dl or more. If the GST was abnormal, the pregnant women then underwent the 100-gram oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT). Gestational diabetes mellitus was diagnosed as abnormal when the blood glucose level is greater than normal FBS or 2 of 4 normal limits which averse 105 mg/dl and 190,165,145 mg/dl after taking 100 gram of sugar for 1, 2, 3 hours respectively.

Results: One-thousand three hundred and eight   pregnant women were screened for gestational diabetes mellitus by glucose screening test. Five hundred and sixty-six (43.3%) were abnormal. Five hundred and fifty-four out of 566 cases (97.7%) had 100-gram oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) done. Seventy-six cases were diagnosed with gestational diabetes mellitus(5.8% and 13.7%of pregnant women who underwent GST and OGTT, respectively).

Conclusion: Glucose screening test (GST) at Srinagarind hospital could effectively identify in pregnant women who had gestational diabetes mellitus during pregnancy. The counseling and proper management to these pregnant women would prevent antenatal and perinatal complications to mother, and fetuses.

Key word: Gestational Diabetes Millitus


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