Perception of Northeast Thailand Patients About the Operation: a case Study of the Governmental Hospital

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Kanchana Uppan
Waraporn Chau-in
Tippawan Muknumporn
Suthinee Fuangkasae
Kraiwad Jangsam
Siriporn Jirawatanakul
Lamyai Sabangban
Raruen Sankhot
Sasiwimon Pongjanyakul


Background: Nowadays surgery is one choice of therapeutic and diagnosis.  The impact of surgery may affect behavior of the patients and  their family in many ways. They must adjust the perception to acquire an appropriate attitude and/or mind preparation. They consequently can re-plan to lead a normal life after surgery. The anesthesiologists and teams can be aware of the patients perception and behavior in preoperation, intraoperation, and postoperation that they can managed effectively.

Objective:   The aim of this research was to explore perception of Northeast Thailand patients who undergo surgery

Study Design: Qualitative research

Target population: The patients waited for surgery and the family, and the ones who already had surgery and amounted to 26, 10 men and 16 women.

Methods: The participants in the Northeast Thailand, inpatient department of  Srinagarind hospital were in-depth interviewed by using semi-structured interview form (SSI) prior to focus group discussion. The data were collected between September 2003 and April 2004. Content analysis and analytical description were presented.

Results: This study revealed that their perception about surgical meaning and adjusting the attitude towards the operation are as follows. As to the meaning they though that 1) surgery will help the patients live longer, 2) surgery will cure their illnesses, 3) surgery is a matter of faith in the surgeons to cure the disease, 4) Both general and regional anesthesia are included in surgery, 5) surgery causes fear, 6) surgery is a means to perceive information and experience the pain sensation, and 7) surgery is a last resort of the illness that the patients must accept.

Conclusion: The over-all results could be advantageous for the health professional team to realize perception and need of the patients. There are points that could be incorporated in the planning of holistic care to satisfy the patients.

Key words: perception of patients, surgery, anesthetic service,


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Uppan K, Chau-in W, Muknumporn T, Fuangkasae S, Jangsam K, Jirawatanakul S, Sabangban L, Sankhot R, Pongjanyakul S. Perception of Northeast Thailand Patients About the Operation: a case Study of the Governmental Hospital. SRIMEDJ [Internet]. 2013 Nov. 4 [cited 2022 Dec. 8];23(3):304-10. Available from:
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