The Turnover Rate of Personnel of the Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University since the Fiscal Years 2000 to 2006

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Prisana Jaiboon
Prasit Chiangnangarm
Doungdaw Pratiparam
Phanphet Roopanya


Background: The Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University has lost a lot of its faculty and teaching staff as a result  of the turnover of the personnel, especially the members whose jobs involve health care service. During the last three years it was found that there were about 200 retirees each year. Therefore, researchers want to explore the flow-out rate of personnel since the fiscal years 2000-2006.

Objectives: To analyze the rate of various personnel groups, and to study the causes of the turnover of personnel.

Study Design: This descriptive study involved both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Setting: The Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University.

Methods: Data on the study group collected from the Personnel Division data base of Khon Kaen University were examined. The duration of data collection was one year.  The retirees who requested debt check-up were also be interviewed.

Data Analysis: Descriptive statistics using percentages and means were employed, and in dept interview was made to obtain qualitative information.

Results: It was found that the  turnover rates  were as follows; 5.2 percent  were support line  personnel ; 1.6 per cent  were teaching staff ; 21.6 per cent  were project  employees  whose careers  were not secure; 3.5 per cent  were nurses ; and  3.8 percent  were nursing assistants who were relatively scarce. The reasons why nurses and nursing assistants resigned and transferred were hard work, unattractive job, social welfare which did not cover health service of their parents and their own children, employment contract unable to be evidence of legal transaction arrangement, and non-professional allowance.  In addition, there was no chance of career advancement for nursing assistants.

Conclusion: The turnover rates of staffs’ resignation were below 2 per cent. This indicated that such proportions were not higher than the standard criterion. The authors recommended that the Faculty of Medicine boost the morale and motivation of support line   personnel, especially nurses and nursing assistants, in order to keep its existing personnel.


Key words: turnover, fiscal year, teaching staff,  support line personnel


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