Medical Students’ Opinions Regarding the Dormitory Security Problems and Their Solutions

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Wissanu Ketroon
Nopporn Vanaprasert
Chaiyaphat Thawirujirote
Temsiri Tansawat
Naiyana Thranthi
Benjaporn Sathitkarnmanee
Pimporn Pankongsap
Pattapong Kasesomboon
Narumon Sinsupan


Background: Medical students need to stay at the University dormitory because they are on duty at night and they need these security both at work and at the dormitory. Thus, the   security of dorm was important factor for their quality of life. The security problems of several reports have been delivered  to students affair unit from time to time. However, there have been no concrete solution for these problems. Therefore a descriptive study of medical student opinion would be essential for the future policy for medical students safety at the University dormitory.

Objective: To study medical students opinions regarding 1. dormitory security problems 2. solution for security problems.

Study  design : A descriptive study was conducted

Setting: The medical students dormitory number 1 and 2

Study population and samples : The 276 medical students were recruited to the study and the  184 medical students that lived in the dorm number 1and 2  were selected as the representation

Tools : A self administered questionnaire was performed containing the personal biodata, opinions regarding the  dormitory security problems and their solutions and recommendation for the solution.

Data analysis: SPSS (PC)  for window was used to  analyze the frequencies , percentages , mean (SD) , median (IQR) and 95% CI. Student T-test and Mann-Whitney U test were also used to analyze the association between security problems and some interested factors.

Results : The responses rate was 90% (164/184). The  study showed that 138 medical students (84.2%) (95% CI : 77.4, 89.2) thought that their dorm had some security problems. One hundred and two of them (73.9%) required to solve these problems. The most common medical students’ opinion regarding the problem was unrecognized person accessed to the dorm (73.8%) following by the problem of carelessness of medical students (63.8%).

The most popular solution to decline unrecognized person was the use of ID card presentation (63.4%),for the second  solution, announcement  regarding  loss asset should be performed(60.4%).

Conclusions : The  study showed that most population thought that the asset security problems need solution. The most important problem, the unrecognized person accessed to the dorm. Following by, the security guard neglect of their turn. The most popular solution, the use of ID card presentation, for the second  solution announcement regarding  loss asset should be performed and the least, increased security guard.

Key word : Medical student, Dormitory security


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Ketroon W, Vanaprasert N, Thawirujirote C, Tansawat T, Thranthi N, Sathitkarnmanee B, Pankongsap P, Kasesomboon P, Sinsupan N. Medical Students’ Opinions Regarding the Dormitory Security Problems and Their Solutions. Srinagarind Med J [Internet]. 1 [cited 2022Jan.20];23(4):383-8. Available from:
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