The Internal Evaluation of Survey and Situation Assessment for Health Promotion in Public Health Education Institute, Thailand

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Chulaporn Sota
Nonglak Phanthajarunithi
Songpol Tonee
Virat Pansila
Sompoch ratioral
Yuvadee rodjakpai
Maliwan Yuthitham


Objectives : 1.To study the Internal  evaluation  of survey and  situation assessment for health  promotion in     Public   Health Institute to be healthy workplaces.

2. To environment  assessment  of     healthy workplaces.

Design : Qualitative research was  conducted.

Method :Samples were administrators  and lecturers who responsible for health promotion  enhancement to be healthy university in seven Universities including

Naresuan university, Khon Kaen university, Mahasarakam university, Burapa university, Huachiew university, Sukhothaithumathirat  university and Walailuk university. Data collection was performed by  interviewing  and document studying which induced  observation as well as content analysis.

Results : After  1 year implementation of the plan for Public Health Education Institutes for  health promotion. Healthy faculty committee of all Universities  were set and performed  for health promotion activities. The activities      mostly were physical  activities, cigartte smoking control  and alcohol consumption reduction. The uncommon activities was stress management  while this problem  was high. All university conducted health promotion activities according to the Ottawa Charter. Almost coverage  build healthy public, create supportive environment,  develop personal skills,  reorient health services  but  seldom   was done for strengthen community action. Most  staffs and students were  spent time for  physical activities but not regularity, food consumption highly  emphasize on   vegetable and fruit but  frequent consurption of high risk food were oil, egg  and  borax food, They highly stress, cause from working learning and economic, rare case for alcohol and tobacco abuse .They    physical  check up but not consistency.

Physical examination results found that the most problem were peptic ulcer, allergic diseases ,  migraine, high cholesterol .including  low heamatocrit. The successful  was  challenged   depend on sustainable and consistency, require empowering of the committee, effective public relationship , motivation technique including  integrate cultural organization as  well as way of life for health.

Conclusion :  In addition the improved environment  inside and outside the building  for health, committee, activities, research, academic service, learning process  in health promotion including health promotion  modification in various aspects although not still coverage, but there clearly appear initiation as well as physical examination and environment approving.

Keywords: health promotion, assessment, Public Health Education Institute


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