Emotional Intelligence of the year 2006 Medical Students in Khon Kaen University

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Poranee Uajaruspun
Komkris Moonguy
Satit Manopunya
Jutasinee Paiboon
Orracha Kok-Kaew
Somdej Pinitsoontorn
Narumon Sinsupan


Background: A student’s emotional quotient (EQ) plays as important a role as his/her intelligence quotient (IQ) when it comes to superior learning performance. Surveying the EQ among Khon Kaen medical students may help in determining how : 1) to develop EQ and 2) to improve the overall program and post-graduation live-a-day success.

Objective : To assess the EQ among medical

students at Khon Kaen University.

Methodology : This was a cross-sectional descriptive and analytical study performed on 350 medical students,

selected by systematic random sampling. The information gathering instrument was a questionnaire

on EQ provided by the Department of Mental Health.

Analysis : The data analysis of 330 questionnaires was accomplished by using descriptive and analytical statistics.

Results : The average respective EQ and good , intellectual and happiness domains were 169.09±14.65, 60±7, 56.6±6.3 and 60±7. Most of the students were in the normal or higher range.  Curiously, in the happiness domain and responsibility

subdomain, the percentage of students in the higher  range were the lowest of all the parameters. There was no significant association between sex, year of study in the MD program and EQ. Two-thirds of the respondents indicated that they would like to participate in an EQ improvement program should one were held.

Conclusion: According to the data, the average EQ  and good, intellectual and happiness domains were higher than the normal means used to indicate the potential for success of medical students, as approved by the Department of Mental Health. It means compare to or relating to someone or something.  Vis-à-vis the word is a preposition (like above, in, on, under etc.) e.g.Our students’ marks are quite good Vis-à-vis the national averages. The lowest of  the happiness domain Vis-à-vis responsibility  subdomain should be targeted for the remediation.

Keywords : Medical Students,   Emotional Quotient


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