Health Promotion in Hospital, School and Community in Mie Prefecture, Japan.

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Chulaporn Sota
Ando Katsuhiko



Objective : To study  the health promotion  in hospital, school, and community in Mie  Ken, Japan, The first of all review was literature after that using interview method for data collecting and observation.

Design : Qualitative   research .

Method : The place for study are Prefecture Education Center, Choyo Junior High School, Shima Prefecture Hospital, Shima Senior Center, Shima Health Center, and Akame Yojosho Mie Ken, Japan. Leader or responsible staffs of health promotion were interview. Tools for data collecting were guideline questionnaire and observation including  photograph.  The Content analysis were used.

Results : The results of this study show that: the leader and responsible staffs of hospital, school, and community at Mie Ken,  Japan are interested in  health promotion  program and implement  in those place follow on OTTAWA Charter by create health promotion policy, excellence physical environment, strengthen community participation, influence personal skill and reoriented health service to be holistic approach and including natural aspect emphasize for health promotion.

Health Promotion need community participation, team leader and committees  for planning, working and evaluating to improve task including health value clarification and insert health promotion in the curriculum of those school and health setting lead to sustainable development.

Conclusion : Health Promotion in Japan such as  Health Promoting  Hospital, Health Promoting  School, Community  Health Promotion  were  planned and implemented follow OTTAWA Charter   5 Items  continuously and sustainable     1). Building Public Policy     2)   Create Environment for health     3). Community Strengthen  4).  Personal Skill Development  and   5). Re-oriented Health Service.   These made  Japanese  are healthy  and good quality of life, especially lead to the most long life expectancy in the world.      Health promotion experience  in various setting were  good model for application  in  Thailand  for  healthy people further.

Key words: Health promotion, Hospital, School, Community, Mie, Japan.


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