Happiness Status and Related Factors: A Characterization of Grade 10-12 Students at Khonkaenwittayayon School, Khon Kaen, Thailand, 2006

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Worarat Kajchamaporn
Kittipong Dongsang
Kulyada Somsap
Thapanawong Mitsungnern



Background: Thai Mental Health Indicator (TMHI), developed by Department of Mental Health (DMH), can measure happiness status and screen mental problems. In late adolescence, many changes occur including emotional status, thoughts, societal grouping identification, relationships and academic stressor. These factors can affect their happiness status.

Objectives : To study the happiness status and related factors among Grade 10-12 students at Khonkaenwittayayon School, Khon Kaen, 2006

Design : Cross-sectional descriptive study

Setting :  Khon Kaen Wittayayon School

Population : 2,188 second-semester students in grade 10-12 at Khonkaen Wittayayon School in academic year 2006

Sampling Method :  Cluster sampling

Sample Size :  450 students

Measurements: Self-administered questionnaire and Thai Mental Health Index (TMHI) 2004

Data were analyzed using median, Inter Quartile Range, frequencies, percent, Pearson Chi-square, Multiple logistic regression, OR and 95% CI

Results: There was 91.8% response rate. The median of the happiness scores were 34 (95% CI: 33, 34) and IQR = 6.25.  Overall happiness status was fair.  According to DMH, 10.1% of the population has poor happiness status, 45.1% fair and 44.8% good.  We found no differences in happiness status between sex and grade. The significantly related factors for happiness status were: (1) a student’s income (P=0.017) [OR = 0.38(95%C1:0.17, 0.84)]; (2) parents’ marital status (P=0.030) [OR = 0.42(95%C1:0.20, 0.92)] and (3) problems with friends (P=0.028) [OR = 0.44(95%C1:0.21,0.91)]

Conclusion: Most of the students had a normal state and greater of happiness status.  The statistically significant related factors were income, parents’ marital status and problems with friends.


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