Comparison of price calculated from DRG and hospital charge for common diseases in Srinagarind Hospital during year 2003

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Potchavit Aphinives


Background: Purchasing price will be changed soon, from hospital charge to price calculated by Drug Related Group (DRG).

Objective: To compare DRG adjusted price and hospital charge

Methods: Based on raw data of the previous study “Comparison of unit cost and charge of medical care for common diseases in Srinagarind Hospital during year 2003”  price of medical care was calculated from DRG.  Each Relative Weight (RW) was multiplied by 10,300 baht.  Finally, the price was compared with the hospital charge.

Design: Retrospective descriptive study.

Setting: Srinagarind Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University.

Samples: In-patients who were admitted with the ten most common diseases in each of 8 clinical departments.

Measurement: Value and percentage.

Results: Price of each disease may lower or higher than the hospital charge, but the average DRG adjusted price of each department is lower.  Department of Medicine has the lowest ratio (59.42%), while Department of Ophthalmology has the highest ratio (96.55%).

Conclusion: The DRG adjusted price is around 74% of the hospital charge for the common diseases in Srinagarind Hospital.

Keywords: DRG,  hospital charge


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