Moral and Ethics Development in Medical Photography II

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Dusadee Musikpodoke
Chongchareon Metta
Songpol Oupachitakul


Background : Medical photography is an activity involved in educational tool innovation, particularly medical teaching tool. This includes taking patient ,s photos from disease tracks, caused by pathology. The taken photos are subjected to diagnosis and medical follow-up, along with, being the teaching tool for medical students. Medical photography

II is, therefore, relatively important to foster ethics for students.

Objective : The study was to foster ethical in Medical Photography II. The course is designed for the 2nd year students, enrolled in Technology in Biomedical and Communication program, Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University, academic year 2006.

Study design: Descriptive Research

Setting: Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University

Methodology : Research tools involved the following: 1) lesson plan, 2) report of group discussion after being trained on the Four Holy Abiding, 3) evaluation form of internship, and 4) opinion evaluation of the students on the lesson intervened by moral and ethic teachings. The collected data were analyzed by descriptive statishics and subsequently expressed as percentage.

Result: It was found that students in Medical Photography II have more proper manner when dealt with patient on their task, after an implementation of ethical conduct. All Students (100%) didn’t show negative manner against any repulsive symptoms of the patient, such as bad smell from cancer, infective wound, etc.  Students of 95% were punctual on their work task timetable and making their final report on time.  About 75% of students expressed their politeness whenever they worked with patients.  And 70% checked their equipment preparation, ready before going to work.  

Conclusion: In all, students have gained their ethical knowledge after learning from their professional class.  They can apply them for their professional practices and daily life through opinion expression, no discrimination against the patients and  polite reaction to patients.

Keywords: Moral, Ethics,  Medical Photographic II.


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