The attitude of breadwinner at Ban-Nongkung Moo.17 toward the concept of wellbeing and their families’ current standard of living

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Gidsakon Gingjarid
Gunyarud Leesuksawad
Genggard Vinaikosol
Thanasak Samudta
Paveena Srivorapornkul
Puttara Laoupattaragasame
Agegaluck Sangsiriruck
Narumon Sinsupan
Phisid Jodking


Background: In recent years, Thai’s lifestyle and the concept of “well-being” have changed to become more materialism. These changes causes serious social problems which need to be solved urgently.

We therefore focused on the breadwinners in Bannongkung Moo 17 and their opinions of the

well being concept. And at the same time trying to push forward this concept into the community.


1.    To know the breadwinners’ attitude towards the “Well being concepts” and

  1. To know the standard of living in this community. (i.e. certainty of life, physical and mental health, functional stable, interactive community, non-polluted, political freedom, self sastisfaction)

Study design :  Descriptive study

Setting:  Bannongkung  Moo 17, Sila subdistric, Mueng distric, Khon Kaen province, Thailand.

Sample &Sampling method : 75 breadwinners, who lived in Bannongkung Moo 17, were selected

by systematic random sampling.

Data collection : Interviewed questionnaires and focus group discussion.

Data analysis :  Using Epi info version 6 to generate descriptive statistics (i.e. frequency, percentage

and mean)

Result All questionnaires were answered and returned. Most of the respondents are men (58.70%) aged

between 31-60yrs (78.7%). Most of them (89.3%) agreed with the concept, on the other hand, the others

who didn’t agree suggested that money and cars are  also necessary. The most common problems found

are debt, illness and unstable job (64.0%, 41.3%,41.3%respectively). Most breadwinners suggested that

genial family (36%) were the main reason for happiness. And financial crisis (49%) were the main

reason for unhappiness.

Conclusion Most breadwinners agreed with the Well Being Concept and satisfied with what they have.

However, most of them also suggested that money still is necessary for livings and if we don’t adhere

to the money to much it would make us happier.

Keywords: community, Well being concept.


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Gingjarid G, Leesuksawad G, Vinaikosol G, Samudta T, Srivorapornkul P, Laoupattaragasame P, Sangsiriruck A, Sinsupan N, Jodking P. The attitude of breadwinner at Ban-Nongkung Moo.17 toward the concept of wellbeing and their families’ current standard of living. Srinagarind Med J [Internet]. 2013 Nov. 25 [cited 2022 Jan. 21];21(3):169-76. Available from:
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