Opinions about student centre learning activities for Heath Science instructor and student in Khon Kaen University

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Kowit Chaisiwamongkol
Yanyong Toomsan
Wichuda Chaisiwamongkol



The student centered learning method was used in learning activity in graduate academy of Thailand, and settled in many institute includes Khon Kaen University. Although the national educational law was established in the year 1999 and used for along 6 years, but it can’t evaluate the effectiveness of this method. So we are study to dissolves that knowledge and principle of the students and the instructors in student centered learning method  are relevant to objectives and to applies learning experience for the optimal goal of care of population’s health.


To study practically on role of SCL of undergraduate, graduate students and instructors of each faculty in health science discipline.

To study thought and suggestion in SCL of the students and the instructors of each faculty in health science discipline.

Study design

The study was designed as descriptive research. In this research, standard criteria of evaluation was setting.

Example population

The 326 example population come from the student of faculty of Nursing, Medicine, Associated medical science, Public health, Dentistry, Pharmacology and Veterinary.  All student s was studying in the year 2003 and  classified as   undergraduate for 116 peoples, graduated for 89 people and instructor group for 121 peoples.


The study reveals most of instructors of the faculty of Public health and Dentistry are not understand and not certain to know SCL, while the instructors of the rest faculty reply as not certain to know SCL 35.54 % The graduate student react  themselves to know SCL 71.91%. Practically by role of SCL, in group of undergrad, the students of the faculty of Nursing are the best , but for the graduate student are the students of the faculty of dentistry.

The group of undergraduate’s instructor that most relevant practice on the role of SCL are the instructors of the faculty of Associated medical science and faculty of Public health and graduate’s instructor are also from faculty of Public health.

The result from test of understand SCL reveal that the group of instructor and group of graduate students gain better than the undergraduate students and the most document confuse with SCL are (1) to use level of grade more than reinforcement  (2)  separate contents not integrate (3) evaluate of only output not processes


In the group of faculty of health science discipline have many diverse in knowledge and level of understanding in SCL. Although on overview the amount of the instructor, graduate and undergraduate students of group of faculty of health science have a course of training on SCL more than the others but they have a lot of diverse in knowledge and practice. This phenomenon  be a sign of  differentiation standard and unity of learning activity, and reflect to in the quality of the students. The problem must be solve with level of university.


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