Integrated Medical Ethic Teaching for The 5th Medical Students

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Waraporn Chau-In
Sunchai Theerapongpakdee
Duenpen Horatanaruang
Pyaporn Boonsangchareon


Background : Punctuality and responsibility are disirable virtues to incalcate in Thai medical students beginning from the fundamental level for both the students themselves and the families and the society at large.

Objective : To make the students realize the basic virtue of punctuality.  They practise to possess the qualities of punctuality and responsibility.  Both qualities must be fulfilled at the self-entities before they could be applied to the larger scale of family and society.

Method : The 5th year students in Anesthesiology rotation block of 3 weeks were divided into 2 groups, the first group was taught the integrated contents, virtues and professional ethics.  The method of leaching is by way of active discussions on the content.  This is to concentrate the student on student on what they are practicing to learn the technique of handling the model and the patient.  The students were taught to meditate after discussion and before the actual practice and evaluation took place.  The second group was taught the same technique without a discussion and meditation to serve as control group.

Result : The experiment group was impressed and interested in the integrated teching approach.  They judged the method as  being relevant to the time and situation.  Ninety seven point two percent of them were punctually coming to classes.  The control group of students was 83.3 percent punctual.  The Video record of the practical classes illustrated that the experimental group was gental and careful in handling the models whereas the opposite is true with the control group.

Conclusion : It could be said is inferred that the integrated method of teaching is rather successful as expected.  We, therefore, suggest the adoption of the method to further develop the learning teaching technique.


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